APP-100: Bulding Power BI App in a Day


Duration: 1 Day
Mode of Delivery: Online, Instructor-led training
• Level: Intermediate
• Job role: Beginner
• Preparation for exam: None
• Cost: USD$1,000.00

“Modern Excel” typically refers to Excel 2016 and later versions, including Office 365, which have introduced a suite of powerful tools and features to support more robust data analysis and visualization. These versions of Excel offer integration with Power BI and other Office applications, leading to a more seamless data analysis workflow. Modern Excel offers advanced analytics capabilities and integrates well with Power BI and the rest of the Office suite, allowing for powerful data analysis, visualization, and collaboration.

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This course is suitable for program managers and technical sales, with a general IT background. These students want to learn about our offers, see how components are implemented, and ask questions about products and features. This course is primarily lectures and demonstrations. This course will help prepare someone for introductory cloud activities.
Job role: Administrator, AI Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Database Administrator, Developer, Security Engineer


This course is designed for individuals interested in leveraging Power BI to create compelling visualizations, insightful analyses, and interactive dashboards using data from Excel. A foundational understanding of both Power BI and Excel is a prerequisite for optimal learning.

Skills Gained

After completing this course, students will be able to us Power BI to:

• Develop tailored business applications without the need for coding.
• Master the skills to construct intricate business processes and complex data relationships within your applications.
• Understand how to link your application to multiple data sources to make it dynamic and functional.
• Securely distribute your applications within your organization.• Implementing Analytics within Excel

Course outline

Module 01: Overview of the Business Application Platform
•Understanding the Business Application Platform

Module 02: Diving into Canvas Apps
•Introductory session on Canvas Apps
•Lab Introduction and Setting Up a New Environment
•Exercise 1: Power Apps Application Creation
•Exercise 2: Adding a Device Gallery and Establishing Data Source Connection
•Exercise 3: Integrating a Compare Screen

Module 03:Understanding the Common Data Service for Apps
•Introduction to Common Data Service for Apps
•Exercise 1: Exploring the Common Data Service
•Exercise 2: Creating Custom Entities and Fields
•Exercise 3: Linking Canvas App to the Data

Module 04: Introduction to Model-Driven Apps
•Briefing on Model-Driven Apps
•Exercise 1: Application Creation and Field Addition
•Exercise 2: Implementing Business Process Flow
•Exercise 3: Modifying Forms and Views
•Exercise 4: Application Testing


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Our minimum class-size is 3 for this course.
If there are no scheduled dates for this course, it can be customized to suit the time and skill needs of clients and it can be held online, at a rented location or at your premises.
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Product Information

Modern Excel refers to more recent versions of Excel (2016 onwards, including Office 365) which come packed with powerful tools and features to enhance data analysis, visualization, and processing. Key features of Modern Excel include:

  1. Power Query: This data connection technology enables you to discover, connect, combine, and refine data across a wide variety of sources.
  2. Power Pivot: A data modeling technology that lets you create data models, establish relationships, and create calculations. It helps you to perform powerful data analysis and create sophisticated data models.
  3. Enhanced visualization tools: Modern Excel includes more advanced chart types, including waterfall, sunburst, and funnel charts, as well as 3D maps.

Microsoft’s Power Platform, on the other hand, is a suite of tools designed to help businesses analyze data, automate workflows, build solutions, and create virtual agents. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the platform consists of four main components:

  1. Power BI: A business analytics tool that turns unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.
  2. Power Apps: A low-code platform for building and deploying custom applications quickly.
  3. Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow): A service that helps you create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more.
  4. Power Virtual Agents: These are intelligent AI-powered virtual agents designed to create rich, conversational experiences.

Both Modern Excel and the Power Platform offer powerful tools to streamline data analysis and business processes, often integrating with one another for a more efficient workflow. For example, data analyzed and structured in Excel can be imported into Power BI for more complex visualizations and report creation.

Additional Information and FAQs

CERTFICATE OF COMPLETION: Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of a course. This is not an official certification for the product and/or software. Our courses do indicate the appropriate certification exam(s) that the participant can sit. Data Vision Systems does not provide certification or deliver the certification exams. Participants are responsible for arranging and paying for the certification exams on the appropriate certification body.

CANCELLATION POLICY: There is never a fee for cancelling seven business days before a class for any reason. Data Vision Systems reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient registration or other extenuating circumstances. Participants will be advised prior to doing so.


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