Power BI Paginated Reports in a Day

Power BI Paginated Reports, a feature of Power BI service, allows users to create highly formatted, pixel-perfect layouts that are optimized for printing or generating a PDF. These reports are also known as “SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports” because they share a similar technology base with the SSRS platform.

Paginated reports are ideal when you want to generate a fixed-layout document with complex tables of data, where the length of the report could span multiple pages. You can include tables, matrices, and charts, and you can also include complex expressions in the report, which may involve grouping, sorting, and filtering data.

Unlike the interactive reports in Power BI, which are designed to be exploratory, paginated reports are designed to be read from beginning to end, and they don’t offer the same level of interactivity. However, they can be parameterized so users can filter the data that is displayed in the report.

The Power BI Paginated Reports in a Day course empowers you as a report author with the technical knowledge required to create, publish, and distribute Power BI paginated reports. Specifically, the course targets:
• Power BI report authors
• Excel analysts
• Report authors with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) skills, requiring a refresher
• Crystal Reports authors

After you complete the course, you’ll know how to:
• Design report layouts
• Connect to data sources to retrieve report data
• Work with parameters
• Visualize report data
• Add interactive features
• Publish, consume, deliver, and embed paginated reports