Building Data Lakes on AWS

In this 1-day course, you will master the art of constructing a functional data lake capable of analyzing both organized and unorganized data sets. Dive into the intricacies of the services essential for forging a data lake. Through hands-on guidance, utilize AWS Lake Formation for data lake construction, AWS Glue for curating a data catalog, and Amazon Athena for data scrutiny. The course’s lectures and hands-on sessions will deepen your comprehension by investigating various prevalent data lake designs.
This program is tailored for:
• Engineers specializing in data platforms
• Architects crafting solutions
• IT experts

During this one-day program, you will acquire the skills to:
• Implement data lake strategies in conceptualizing and structuring a data lake.
• Describe the essential components and services to construct an AWS data lake.
• Safeguard a data lake using proper permissions.
• Integrate, archive, and modify data within a data lake.
• Extract, scrutinize, and represent data sourced from a data lake