Build Bots in a Day with Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents offers a platform where anyone, from novice users to expert developers, can design advanced chatbots. This tool ensures the creation of smart conversational agents, catering to both straightforward inquiries and intricate dialogue structures. By using its user-friendly, top-tier design interface, you can promptly develop bots that meet the demands of both consumers and team members.
This course gives attendees a deep dive into specific Microsoft services in a condensed timeframe that covers:
• Introduction to Power Virtual Agents: You’ll get an overview of what Power Virtual Agents are, their potential benefits, and use cases.
• Setting Up: The course would guide participants through the initial steps to set up a bot, including how to navigate the platform and understand its user interface.
• Bot Building Basics: Attendees learn the basics of constructing conversations, defining user topics, and setting up default responses.
• Integrating with Power Platform: A look at how Power Virtual Agents can integrate with other tools in the Microsoft Power Platform, such as Power Automate, to enhance bot capabilities.
• Using entities, variables, and integrating external tools or services.
• Testing and Refining: The course will cover how to test your bot in real-world scenarios and use feedback to refine and optimize its performance.
• Deployment and Sharing: Once the bot is ready, you’ll learn how to deploy it on various channels, such as websites, Microsoft Teams, or other platforms, and how to monitor its performance.